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10:32 p.m. - 2021-01-16
2021 jan
things have really advanced technologically lately. the overthrown blanket is still a warmth source. ive been pretty gifted in life. i am a person who often clings to what i know. the learning i do is often misunderstood, but i meant well always. as the technological world gains speed, it seems to me by acknowledging my own hanits, that patterns and order, matter more than they did for me in the past. i have known internally my emotions, always before what i have seen, i have tried to remain upright like a ship on the water. i worry that ive ignored too much outwardly i know i am a mess, have i always been so loved that i dont notice? hair pulling is my physical most dealt with routiene, when its gone, given the new parameters of global nature, where does that go? i hope i can get up and send love but who can see?


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