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11:17 p.m. - 2019-08-07
dead poets
the mosquitos are driving me mad

the time it takes for things to load is increasing

the ads are getting longer

a black dog arrives at my doorstep and I feed him

a terrifying memory from his jowls from his machismo


I see sequences

7 is my number

then 9 (augustine)

I used to think it was the other way around

8's scare me (blacklab)

the Frenchman said to mind 93

his favorite number was 2

I mind 22's

now 5's

5's are everywhere, something about time

the difference between hologram and holocaust

trees cast the biggest shadows and now I fear I have been mistaken

the golden retriever ran away and left me with the black lab

he chewed on bones excessively and tried to eat the mouse

that was trapped in the bird seed bag

he left a bird feeder full of seed in the garage

but reprimanded me for not letting my visitor eat the mouse

I look at the sky and see the stars

they are wide and full

and I regret my life

thinking smaller day by day

growing lazy and fat

I am trapped in a maze of clues

there are no birds

no people

just a joker in a bank yanking my chain

I call to Jordan and pray


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