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11:50 a.m. - 2018-05-09

Reflecting on this semester, I have learned a great deal. I can remember the first day of class, when you had asked the class to explain the reasons for studying sociology. As I recall, my response was rather mundane and I made some comment about having to meet a mandated education requirement. Over the course of this semester I have come to understand why sociology is crucial to any well-rounded education, and it pleases me to have found a deeper purpose in this endeavor. This has been one of those classes where I have gained a bit of invaluable perspective. At first, having become somewhat of a closeted misanthropist, it was hard to engage myself in this experience, I didn’t know if I could forgo the initial feelings of dread I felt upon realizing that sociology was about studying social systems and society, but now I am very glad to have gained a heightened understanding of the structures that guide our interactions within the world. For me this process has been one of RESOCIALIZATION in many ways.


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