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3:22 p.m. - 2014-02-26
I am not real, I do not see, I cannot feel, I do not breathe. I have no eyes, I feel nothing. Go away from me, my teeth are bleeding. Your teeth are bleeding. You are a dirty piece of poop. I am going to eat your pets and children, and when I poop them out I will feed them to you. You sound only worse than you smell and youíre the reason our race is completely fucked. THATíS RIGHT YOU. If youíre an example of a functioning human I donít want to be one, if youíre faithful to your wife, sheís probably cheating on you, with me. Because I gave her a dollar and a scoop of your pet and child, if you like to read things, thatís good, great for you. I donít like anything. If you have a favorite band thatís good thatís great, good for you, your opinions sucks by the way. I hate Bruno mars, and I hate daft punk, and I hate lord of the rings, and harry potter. I think the Olympics are absolutely fucking nonsense. who cares how fast some over privileged pussy can go on his skis, who cares? I donít. Are we fast enough yet? CNN literally explained that a man was saved from a gunshot to his heart by the good old bible yesterday, and that some stupid ass politically affiliated nut job personally deliver homosexuality to Uganda, as though it were something you could just pack up in a lunch bag as though it were a sandwich. Every person with political affiliations is a complete and total cunt. Most people donít even realize theyíre living in excess, luxury. I am 27 and I canít brush my teeth regularly, or keep my room clean, I canít do laundry, I canít even hold a job at pizza hut, and I will never breed or graduate. and I never learned to feed myself with any semblance of order. I would rather be alone, I aspire to die, we are a scourge on this earth and everyone over looks the simpliciuty that.,.,.,.r.,.,.df,.,..,.,,..,.d,..f.d.,;q.;[3;;3;;;;;;5;;5;;;;;;;;;

^^^^^^^^!-!Look momma, it tries to speak

I was going to the grocery store the other Day to get my husband who I donít even love anymore some egg beaters because just because his fat ass doctor told his fat ass that he canít have real eggs anymore doesnít mean his brain can just let them go. So I cook them for him. FIVE TIMES A DAY. This is all he wants to eat now, the forbidden fruit you see? His doctor is now an overweight slut named patricia that we donít know. Well, Yesterday I saw him Jacking off in his study, the computer was glowing meekly, and I am a forward person so I said, JOHN, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING? Then he turned the computer screen around and there was a picture of an adult chicken, probably the equivalent of a chubby 32 year old broonet just staring at me so I said, JOHN HOW COULD you!? And he explained to me that what he was really doing was egg laying, and that in order for this egg to be laid, he needed to grab his penis like a wand and ďpretend atariĒ I was so relived he wasnít looking at that hen, sexually, that I forgave him and ran into the bathroom where I immediately began crying, I started to think, and I kept thinking about it, until it became my world, and all I could think about was that electric hen, the broonet woman, 1975 at the Gilbertsí anniversary, that woman, her name was also Patricia, the slut wore this see through white dress that she pretended wasnít. I grabbed a razor and cut into my palm a tiny chickens foot, and began decorating the canary yellow shower curtain with little chickens feet tracks. I looked out the window and saw johns car driving away SO I began screaming out chicken sounds cluckling and crying, I ran to the fridge and began cooking all of the egg beaters with my blood and then hung them from the cupboards with twine. Have you ever seen an egg cooked with your own blood in it? Me neither that was weird. So then I was really hungry, I had one bite of the fake eggs I made, they were delicious! Omg I knew it I was a Vampire! I quickly called over the neighbors 23 year old son, Fred, cause he was obviously desperate for some pussy and I took his pants off and wrapped his cock with the eggs and then grabbed my husbandís gun and told him to shoot the eggs, I told him, If he wanted a blowjob, he would have to shoot an unloaded gun at his bloody egg wrapped cock. He was crying pretty hard, so I pinched his nuts and told him not to worry, I licked his thigh and he raised the gun and I flung myself away as fast as I could because I knew that shit was loaded, and god was it a mess, thankfully Freddie was already crying when he pulled the trigger because that way I didnít have to adjust to that many more liquids exiting his body. I called an ambulance and pretended I was sorry, but this whole time I was rather unaffected, if anything I was bothered by his incessant whining, omg, he was like freaking out like it was the end of the world or something, I sat him on the couch and gave him the remote control, at this point he was barely moving though, it must have been his nap time or something, that stupid fuck, anyway, I turned on the radio, and was so glad to hear Bette Midler finally that I just kind of calmly started picking up the floppy pieces of his cock and decided it was time to refy the eggs, so I split my now scabby chicken foot open again turned the heat on low added some more eggs beaters and threw in the chunks of his cock. Now I heard the door open, shit that was fast I thought, we lived in the country so I was truly surprised and guess what happened next? My husband, John came in! He was so hungry, so I fed him the penis fake eggs of blood, and then he started playing Atari again, when the ambulance arrived the paramedics were simply chickens that began pecking at poor Freddieís cock, until one rather large chick sprinkled some glitter on it, and his once bloody cock then became a twinkling fresh vagina. It kept birthing chicks, which laid cholesterol free eggs, I named them all Patricia and put them inside me. I love you. The end, you fat fuck.


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