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11:05 a.m. - 2013-02-08
i just noticed this, and now I feel like an orphan on christmas, with no friend and dirty pajamas. I cannot even recognize the difference between the names jeremy and liz, they are not alike what so ever.

wtf sorry, was it even the seward coop all cooperative meat and produce looks identical, but, see, let me explain my concrete reasoning for opening up a liaison within the the other night a war buddy let me ride homeward in his cab that was heading towards my destination, and this guy is nearly married to this chick who is the light of my life and I must have been yearning to speak with, she works at and seems to do big things at the seward and so my subconscious forced me to seek out any reason to talk to her because she is a great gem of life that i need in my life even if it's just peripherally, so i sent her a message anyway at 2:30am like the newbiest dum dum yesterday evening whenst i was nearly delirious again and said

"Hey! this is your pet Lizard! A friend of mine recently has made a video with footage from the co-op and was wondering if maybe you would be able to possibly sign, or tell us who could sign, a release form for the footage of wholesome goodness that was used in the film. Would this be something you could possibly help us with?

and she said,

"Hi Liz! Super great to hear from you. I'm willing to help you out with this and direct you to my boss, the marketing manager, if needed. A few questions:What's the video going to be used for? How will it be distributed? Did you talk with any co-op staff prior to filming? Typically when people come into the co-op with a camera, we ask for them to get permission/sign a release up front. And our main consideration is that any customers who appear in the footage are alerted as such, or personally consent.Hope you are doing great! and thanks for replying to these ?s."

That last sentence is robotic and unnerving I think I have been thanked in advance for something I am expected to do in the future? A task which was not my own to begin with, so according to etiquette, can I now just exlplain that ,Look I am not Jeremy and This is the wrong co-op!????????

OR DO I NOW I HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING. cause i have been thanked for my response help. me everyone??????


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