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12:06 p.m. - 2012-12-18
I am bored. I am at the shared computer in MCTC trying to determind my future, yay, wooooooo. Anyways i am going to be rich one day, and tyhen i will spemd my money on things that make my life full. and not drugs amd liquor. that will be cool. things like computers, like microsoft surface. You can just pick a video and the slide it over to your buddy with the swipe of your hand. I think i will turn into a psychologist or some shit. yesterday o went to the medusa for the first time sober, that was really nice. I felt older than shit , and generally too good for that place. What can I say I dislike metal. I dont like the whole scene, weird nerds pretending to be righteous. makes liz cry. iain let me use his heater which was nice because my tootsies were little blocks of ice. and i thought the damn thing would fall of, one shyould listen to that long down the line because my other foot was fine. brad is at dunwoody i slept over there it was cray those dickhausens.


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