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11:53 p.m. - 2012-06-01
I wonder if these days we all feel something alien inside of us. This site strikes on something essential to humanity, the need to feel connected. Why? For some I'm sure this website makes sense, but personally I find Facebook to be a very sad place. A place of forfeit, and there is nothing I can do. Occasionally I am happily reminded of my past aquaintances well being, but more often I am reminded of silence. Obviously nobody ever posts anything real and/or gut wrenching like the things you would tell your true friends. What is going on? Is this a parade of narcissism? In a way this site actually promotes repression. I am aware of this websites relevance, but fearful of it's presence. It's actually is affecting people professionally, and mentally. If this is what counts towards professionalism, I don't want to be a professional. Paper and spoken words are more meaningful and heart felt, things of substance could become archaic at this rate. Is this the new paper? The new spoken word? If I reject this social standard what will happen? Do you care? Do you think I'm being overly sensitive already? The only fight I can give is this statement. I feel like some people would agree with me when I state that this site is limiting. An imaginary comfort zone where you feel okay. I disagree with the ownership of thought, actually someone probably owns this statement, not that it's important enough to matter, which also saddens me. The stigma built from the sharing of, or concealing of your own personal feelings. Even now I ask myself if it's alright to express this. I know this is the way of the future so I broadcast this, even though I am slightly afraid of judgement. I think I'd rather be alone than let this website be my alternative. But who knows, maybe somehow having kids or a degree might change my mind. It does feel like I'm the only one who feels this way. If I get a degree one day I am going to slay the standard.


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