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9:37 p.m. - 2003-02-05
Snow sculpture penis, meet bat.
shits been sucking. i'm stressed and i had no intent of sitting through basketball after school, no way, too much shit, too little enthusiasm. i needed out, so i left 5th hour. god i think it may become habitual, they can do whatever they want to me it was worth it. it was a nice change. i'll prolly get booted from basketball(like us at sam goody "FUCK FUCK FUCK see you guys we can swear if we want to!!".3 seconds later.."GET THE HELL OUT OF MY STORE!"), but then again i have been saying that all year, and they have failed to actually kick me off. now its to the point where i just don't care. i have got to get my act together, my grades are pathetic and my life is going nowhere. i'm not goin to school tomorrow i have to catch up fast, tomorrow will be a work day. thats what i call it, but really its just me avoiding all of my problems. i seriously dread waking up in the morning, only because of school and other words, my whole life. yeah its fucked but oh well. maybe i might actually accomplish something tomorrow....maybe dad will get me a psychologist....


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